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  Tammy Cain Barry, GRI


The All About Homes team is dedicated to making your home buying experience a pleasant one. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned veteran, there are always questions to be answered.

In different parts on the country, specific aspects of buying and closing on a home are handled in a variety of ways. There are certain customs in our area that you need to be aware of and there are disclosures you want to make sure the seller provides.

When you hire the All About Homes team to represent you, you are guaranteed to have a successful moving process.

In today's market the homebuyer has a choice in how they are represented in the real estate transaction. You have the choice to have your own buyer's agent. This is an agent that is actually representing you as the purchaser, with your best interests in mind.

Having your own personal real estate agent, a homebuyer representative, secures your position in the real estate transaction as a serious purchaser who has received the loyalty of his own agent.

Do you qualify to buy a house?
How much can I afford?
What will my payments be?
How much down payment do I need?

We can send you the specs on the houses that fit your needs and you can go ride by them on your own or we can show you all the houses of your choice.  

We can sell any home in the Fayetteville and surrounding counties no matter what company it is listed with.

We can help advise you on how and when its best to do an inspection and see you through to the end.

New Construction
We can sell that too or help you find a builder to build the house of your dreams. 


Selling your home is selling one of your biggest investments in your life. It is not a process you want to walk into without full knowledge of the real estate proceedings, disclosures and laws. In today's market it is highly recommended that you have full representation from an experienced and qualified agent. The first step toward putting your house up for sale is to meet with a real estate agent.


At the listing appointment, the listing broker will want to inspect your house and lot. After conferring with the listing broker on market conditions, comparable nearby sales, listings, and available financing, the home seller will set the asking price for the house. Essentially the market or the demand will determine the sales price. 

You need to keep in mind when pricing your home that the buyers will be comparison shopping. When they come to look at your home, they will be looking at all the homes in this price range. How does yours compare? When you put your house on the market, it's time to clean up, fix up and toss out. You need to have your home looking as good as possible - first impressions are important.

Need to know how much you will make off of your house-we can do that.

How much is my house worth?

We will explain all documents so that you know exactly what you are doing every step of the way.

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